Case Studies

Best-of-the-Best Pharmacist

Pharmacy deep-dive helped the client to understand the 5 most critical pharmacy challenges and zero in on the top pharmacy priorities across three areas: Digital Consumer Experience, Unlocking Value to Pharmacists, and Value-Based Partnerships.

Building a Web 3.0 Cannabis Platform

The client aimed to create an equitable cannabis habitat for all through innovation and trust, so anyone engaged in the cannabis market could interact, trade, and learn. As a digital hub, it would connect distinct types of platform users.

Challenge Framing

Through interviews, analyzing current org structure, strategic imperatives, and stakeholder survey data, our team consolidated each challenge identifying the degree of impact and feasibility to solve. We guided the board and key staff members to discuss align and strategize in a 1-day workshop.

Defend The Legacy

An established pharmaceutical brand in the cardiovascular space needed to develop a training strategy to help their experienced salesforce sell against branded competition for the first time and ultimately, defend their hard-earned legacy.

Ecosystem Awareness

A global healthcare company was preparing to launch a rare disease drug for a complex disease. We identified top tactics and proven successes from in and outside of the healthcare sector to help maximize awareness of the product and unify the ecosystem.

Expired product sustainability

The team created a report to outline industry best practices for reverse logistics and returns policies, and made strategic suggestions on how the team could improve supply chain sustainability while also increasing efficiency and maintaining best practices across the value chain.

Innovative Go to Market Strategy

We drafted a detailed patient journey map and identified elements of an integrated scorecard that should be used when measuring the success of the GTM strategy across four distinct groups of stakeholders. Breakthrough GTM solutions were proposed from key insights.

Innovative Patient ID & Activation

Strategic Innovation methodology was applied to help the team generate novel ideas designed to help identify and activate patients that aren’t aware they are at risk. Each high-potential idea was refined with market-sensing data, internal process logistics, and a best-practices assessment for implementation.

Innovative Patient Savings Program

To ensure early access to patients, the client offered a Pharmacist Savings Offer at launch in which patients waiting on a coverage determination could access the medication at a reduced cost. A seamless transition from the current Savings Offer to a Patient Support Program (PSP) with innovative elements and market growth was needed.

Innovative Value Proposition

The primary objective of this project was to build a new innovative brand positioning and ensure that a customized value proposition connects with each stakeholder group, triggering a sustained behavioral change required to get stronger traction in the marketplace.

Market Access Innovation Playbook

The Recombinators team worked with the client to frame the nature of ideas, typical solutions, and greatest roadblocks and inefficiencies experienced by the teams. We then crafted a playbook to carry each idea from inception to implementation, using our Strategic Innovation Methodology.

Patient Activation

Key learnings from the most successful orphan drugs and precedent insights informed strategic recommendations on how to improve existing strategies, tactics, salesforce training or readiness, and big ideas to active new patients. Our team worked with the client to operationalize strategic recommendations.

Power of a Great Question

A global pharma company approached us to create and facilitate a team building workshop around the Power of Great Questions. The workshop helped the team incorporate key learnings into what they do every day, making them better partners, be more customer focused and get better end results in a more efficient and impactful way.

Unlocking Institutional Access

A leading independent biopharmaceutical company providing a novel life-saving antimicrobial drug had a successful launch which was slowed substantially by the COVID19 developments. This created a critical need for developing an innovative way to win in a hospital setting.

Transform Employee Culture

Through activating their people, all teams were empowered to serve their customers better with a positive impact on product sales overall. The innovative workforce strategy was implemented and managed using a phased approach for employees to return to work centered on risk levels, business function, and leadership preferences.
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