Framing Challenges in New Ways Can Lead to Powerful Results

We are bombarded with a barrage of business problems that never end. We handle these problems by defining them, articulating drivers, and aligning tactics –if they’re big enough they make it into your strategic imperatives. Then we execute. However, the core problems often persist.

When faced with a problem you cannot solve or an opportunity you cannot realize, shift your focus to thinking about how to reframe your challenges, which forces you to develop innovative solutions.  The companies that excel at differentiating themselves among customers and out-compete competitors by capitalizing on opportunities no one else envisions, are also the companies that spend considerable time reframing the business problem in front of them.

So, ask yourself: Can we frame our business model, or even our industry in a way that sets up apart?

What pain points do our customers subconsciously accept? What limitations does our organization accept as the cost of playing in our given industry? How do we think about value & differentiation? 

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