Advanced Skills and Development

Our skills need to be based on a deeper understanding of our customers' needs

Attracting and retaining talent is a top priority for any business regardless of industry, but supporting their professional growth in a way that enables them to think strategically and get them closer to the customer is paramount in gaining a competitive edge. This is true across functions and levels, from Marketing to Operations, Sales Rep to the C-Suite. At Recombinators, we believe building upon foundational skills towards advanced, customer-centric techniques is the best way to ensure maximized execution of strategy. Recombinators is a management consulting firm that does advanced training.

To that end, our training approach centers on understanding your customers at the deepest possible level and working backwards from their most critical needs to the next-level skills your talent must master in order to differentiate your business in their eyes. Instead of off the shelf products we create sustainable, customized, and highly engaging professional development solutions that ensure the investments you make in your hard-earned talent pay off. To learn more about our Advanced Skills Development service or discuss how we can help your talent become more customer-focused, please contact us.


Making The Best Better


Sales, regardless of industry, is a challenging, competitive field. The most competitive and high achieving salespeople in a sales group embrace this challenge and reap the rewards – through recognition, compensation, and the thrill of making the sale. These same salespeople are also on the constant lookout for a challenge and an edge to meet it. When they fail to find both, experienced sales representatives may turn elsewhere – even other industries – to find it. Keeping this talent pool engaged and stimulated in their role is not only critical to retention, but to the overall success of the company.

A pharmaceutical training team responsible for the professional development of multiple franchises approached us to help them re-engage the field force members that were confident in their current skills but feeling restless. The training department had recently adopted a new sales model and developed foundational training based on extensive benchmarking and research, which had done an excellent job of targeting their junior team members but left the seasoned reps looking for more.


The training department recognized the need to challenge the reps that have mastered the fundamentals of selling and were looking to go further. This training needed to fit in with the already hectic schedule of a field rep, be easy to absorb, and have immediate application in order to realize quick results. To determine the selling skills essential to take the high performers to the next level and still remain laser focused on their customers’ needs, we conducted extensive primary research with those in the field as well as leadership to identify weak points, areas of opportunity, and future needs.

From there, our team searched across industries to determine the best examples of these skills in action, breaking their methods down into fundamental insights for the team to adopt. Top salespeople within the company were interviewed on their perspectives on these fundamental insights to add rich industry-specific nuances into how these skills can be tailored to the field. Our team then identified key thought leadership in a variety of mediums (podcast, video, articles, etc.) and collected them into a resource library. We used this material to construct a series of dynamic, relatable courses featuring familiar faces, engaging media, self-reflection prompts and “rapid application guides” for immediate use. This course was delivered in an on-demand format via an interactive training platform, accessible through their mobile devices.


Developed a series of advanced skills training courses delivered to all members of the sales force designed to be “read on Monday and applied on Tuesday.” The feedback on the training was overwhelmingly positive, with both the sales and training teams characterizing the training as transformative.