Best of the Best Practices

Conventional benchmarking is not providing the insights we need to win

Every business wants to be on the cutting edge, utilizing the most advanced processes and tracking results with metrics that give true insight into performance. Many businesses look within their native industry to identify, replicate, and adopt best practices and benchmarks, but this can lead to problems that in the long run can erode productivity or lead to unsatisfactory returns. At Recombinators, we believe that starting with the most critical challenge your business faces, then looking within and outside of your industry for solutions to that challenge truly allows your organization to set the bar higher than your competition.

Through our Best of the Best Practices service, we carefully diagram your businesses situation and critical challenges, prioritizing the ones that if solved provide the greatest return. This allows us to set up parameters that guide our search for anyone, anytime, anywhere that has solved a challenge similar to yours – from within and outside the industry. We then distill insights from these best practices that your team can use, and work with your operations, compliance, legal, and other stakeholders to ensure successful implementation. To learn more about our Best of the Best Practices service or help taking your benchmarking to the next level, please contact us.


FOMO Comes to Pharma


Sometimes businesses have a truly differentiated and valuable product or service, unlike anything else in the marketplace, but customers can not or will not accept it. This can be driven by straightforward variables like brand loyalty, simplicity, satisfaction with the status quo, and price to more nuanced factors like competing objectives, contracts, and perceptions of parity.

A US oncology brand was facing these challenges on two fronts. This brand was perceived by payers and prescribers alike as a follow-on to the market leader in the same drug class. Despite having no access disadvantages nationally and breakthrough clinical data that clearly separated the brand from its competitors, physicians and payers were making choices by attributing our Client’s differentiated data to their competitor because they shared the same drug class.


‍Clearly, our client needed to develop bleeding-edge insights for next-generation marketing capabilities that could be integrated vertically and horizontally within a international marketing organization. To establish a starting point, we analyzed the roles, responsibilities, and challenges of the marketing function in global and across every region. Once a baseline was created, we conducted deep secondary research to find fundamental truths for marketers in matrixed, engineer-driven organizations. We synthesized strategic imperatives from these fundamental truths, such as prioritizing customer needs before product development, communicating commercial credibility to accelerate influence without authority, and focusing on talents’ traits in addition to capabilities.

Using these strategic imperatives and organizational challenges, we searched for anyone, anytime, anywhere that met or solved them successfully.

We found insights our Client could use from across industries and products. To help solve their internal challenges, we drew inspiration from Whole Foods, the Nike Cortez shoe, Campbell’s Soup, and the Boy Scouts. To develop crucial traits, we found applicable insights from the Oakland A’s, TurboTax, and NPR. To make their B2B capabilities truly future-facing, we adopted bleeding-edge B2C best practices from brands like Pokémon Go, Target, and Patagonia.

After finding these insights we synthesized them into a portfolio of initiatives that would get our Client’s marketing group back on track. These initiatives were recommended in phases with change management plans to accompany them; highlighting the reason to change while minimizing business disruption.


Designed two first-of-their-kind pharmaceutical initiatives leveraging Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) principles to persuade critical stakeholders with competing interests to act the way our Client wanted them to without resentment.