Operational Excellence


Many organizations have survived the pandemic,
but now they need to truly excel. Leaders are facing unprecedented operational challenges across multiple business functions. The operational innovation path
to success is not always smooth, it requires dedicated resource allocations to analyze, plan, build and execute beneficial results. Nevertheless, it is essential for any company to transform to remain competitive, weather external factors, maximize profitability, and retain key talent.

Recombinators partners with you to create a winning roadmap to Operational Excellence. We conduct a 360-degree evaluation to select your key challenges, and together identify the innovative opportunities within your workforce, processes, and technology utilization to enhance your operating model. Together, by leveraging a combination of qualitative and quantitative data and cross functional partnership, we help build and plan your winning strategy and lead execution by prioritizing efforts and focus on the improvements required to achieve long term growth. To learn more about our Operational Excellence service or discuss how we can help with your critical challenge, please contact us.


Workforce Strategy to Transform Employee Culture


The workforce environment has entered a new phase where the rules of attracting, developing, and retaining talent have dramatically shifted. Every business must critically reassess their workplace culture, productivity, and benefits to address the changing needs and expectations of their employees. Companies are adapting to a new employer mindset and a shifting model of negotiation power in their people process. The difference in how employers and employees view their organization and what they want out of it fundamentally affects the whole operational model – but especially how organizational culture is developed and sustained.

A global medical devices brand detected downward voice of employee score trends forming before the pandemic. As COVID-19 developed this intensified their workplace challenges further. With increasing employee attrition, the client leadership recognized the urgent need to retain their key talent, sustain motivated employees, and rebuild a resilient company culture. To succeed in the market and protect the future of their company, they needed to focus on the strength and value of their people, with the same unparalleled commitment they give to their external customers.


Using a strategic approach, a deep dive discovery of all critical challenges was conducted via interviews and comprehensive data analysis. Insights from enterprise-wide leaders were collected and studied to understand their organizational challenges and desired outcomes. A broad sample of employees were interviewed, employee survey data leveraged and industry HR best practices for COVID related employee concerns researched in depth. The key insights discovered covered a wide range of topics including health &safety, training, dynamic compensation options, as well as the importance of regular employee recognition.

Through innovative methods AND consistent communication and information sharing employeE engagement increased.

By partnering with leadership, the team gained commitment through a top-down approach. In the ideation phase targeted, long-term incentive offerings for employees were developed that were aligned with their professional development goals, skills and education, work/life balance and internal support and resources. Whether teams collaborated virtually or in-person, performance was optimized: people were motivated, kept accountable and projects were well managed. Within Human Resources the strategy also helped enhance talent acquisition process flows to speed up the administration and onboarding of new hires.

Through activating their people, all teams were empowered to serve their customers better with a positive impact on product sales overall. The innovative workforce strategy was implemented and managed using a phased approach for employees to return to work centered on risk levels, business function, and leadership preferences. The solution captured all data points and qualitative feedback resulting in comprehensive initiatives that transformed the employee culture. 


Employee attrition was reduced by 12%. A creative return to office plan was successfully implemented and improved employee engagement on corporate strategy, team environment, DEI, and internal opportunities. Employee satisfaction increased by 11% in the annual employee survey.