An innovative strategic partner obsessed with your customer's needs.

We are a management consulting firm that only works in areas where we have the deepest, most differentiated insights. We use a proven proprietary approach to strategy and innovation to help our clients get closer to their customers than they ever thought possible.


Why Operational Innovation Matters Today

Why should my company innovate? Businesses that are truly customer obsessed demand a constant state of hyperfocus on always creating something better; they don’t stand still.


The Existential People Crisis Is The Strategic Business Priority

This is going to radically transform the whole future of work. Companies must reexamine their culture and create a working environment where its business and its people can really thrive.


Framing Challenges in New Ways

When faced with a problem you cannot solve, shift your focus to thinking about how to reframe your challenges, which forces you to develop innovative solutions.


Virtual Selling: Behind the Screens

Many firms have altered their “go-to-market” strategy to incorporate remote selling. We’ve applied our approach to identify practically creative solutions to this key business challenge.


Introducing: LUCY™

Say hello to LUCY, our precedent elephant! This database of over 10,000 key innovation insights serves as the launchpad for innovation that will help you step outside of your area of expertise and find inspiration across industries. With LUCY, you can access tried-and-true success that will jumpstart the solutions to your unique challenges.


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Are you looking to tackle some of today’s most difficult challenges and work with some of the world’s most iconic companies?


Strategic Innovation

"We have a critical challenge that we have not been able to solve"

Advanced Skills Development

"Our skills need to be based on a deeper understanding of our customers' needs"

Operational Excellence

"We need to evolve our operating model to win in the market and beat our competitors."


Path To Purchase

"How and where can I shape my customers' buying decisions?"

Insights to Action

"We need to ensure our market research provides insights that matter"

Best of the Best Practices

"Conventional benchmarking is not providing the insights we need to win"

Our Approach has been applied With several world-class companies

Client Testimonials

"This team brings a unique ability to find meaningful answers that aren't easy to uncover...their research helped us get beyond the obvious and get to innovative solutions to our business question...and the process was actually fun!"

VP of Marketing

Global Consumer Healthcare org.

"The Recombinators approach is the most structured, proven, and effective approach to solving tough challenges that we have ever seen. It changed the way I think about strategy and innovation."

Regional Head of Strategy & Innovation

Leading Consumer Beverage org.

"The Recombinators strategic innovation approach has helped me see, perceive, and analyze our biggest corporate challenge from perspectives I didn't even know were available to me....and I've been working in this industry for 35 years!"

Head of Corporate Communications

Global CPG Org.

"There were several benefits of going through the SI approach with Recombinators. First was the creation of novel ideas to solve our biggest challenge, second was gaining a new way to solve problems, and third was we learned a lot about how innovation really happens."

Regional VP of Strategy

Fortune 50 Food & beverage Org.

"The Recombinators team helped us think about our B2B customers in a completely new way and in doing so, we evolved from competent marketers into the marketers of the future."

Head Of Global Marketing

Top Global Medical Device Org.

"I have had the pleasure to work with the Recombinators Team a couple times now and they continue to prove to be amazing partners. They provide a proven process that radically enhances top strategic initiatives. I believe in their Frame/Create/Prime approach and our recent Creative Recombination Workshop was one of the best I have attended in my 30 years as a professional."

Executive Director OF Market Access Marketing

Leading Pharma Org.

   “Excellent customer service, gets “the big picture”, a strategic partner and is a team of great creative minds”  

   Executive Director OF Commercial Operations

   Leading Healthcare Org.

   "The Recombinators team didn’t just show up and provide a great workshop but became a trusted part of the team and supported us throughout the process. I am confident the insights and processes in place now will lead to greater successes in the future because of this collaboration. I would recommend and plan to use Recombinators again in the future.”

Executive Director OF Market Access Marketing

Leading Pharma Org.

Ready to solve your business's most pressing challenges?

//... Meet the team
Why we started Recombinators
Nadim founded Recombinators in 2015 after 25 years of senior industry and management consulting experience.  Nadim developed a new approach to strategy and innovation, which he lectured on at Columbia Business School and has applied to help solve critical business challenges for several global iconic brands. He has also built a database of over 10,000 winning precedents, which he has used to help find innovative approaches to solve his client’s business challenges and to uncover unique insights into what it takes to win in today’s evolving markets. While on his journey, Nadim has developed and honed three core principles, which underpins what makes Recombinators unique: 1) we only focus in the areas where we have deep and differentiated insights, 2) we have cracked the code on how innovation happens and it can be taught 3) the way companies and people work together is changing in significant ways and we want to be ahead of this seismic trend for our clients.

Nadim Yacteen

Managing Partner

p: +1 111 000 111

After spending years serving clients in the pharmaceutical, health & wellness, specialty retail, and CPG industries, Stephen has dedicated his career to becoming a practitioner of innovation. By combining a liberal arts & business background Stephen thinks imaginatively about how value is created and delivered in markets where constraints and disruption are exponentially rising. The perspective he brings to his clients is guided by a singular focus on eliminating the gaps between vendors, customers, and partners in new, novel ways. Stephen firmly believes that enabling better strategic thinking and unlocking innovation in all functions and levels of an enterprise is the only way to bridge these gaps and achieve market leadership in today's competitive landscape. Stephen is committed to making your people sharper, your strategies more differentiated, and your organization more customer-focused.

Stephen Moulton


p: +1 111 000 111

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