Who We Are

Working at Recombinators


Recombinators is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in strategy and innovation, advanced training, and customer research. We compete and win against the major premier firms regularly. We are obsessed with the end customer. We use a unique approach to strategy and innovation developed from the brightest minds in academia, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology. We have successfully deployed this approach with several iconic Fortune 50 brands.

Our Culture


Life at Recombinators can be described in one word, rewarding. The tough challenges we tackle and the unique techniques you use will be unlike any experience at any other firm. We take pride in our ability to delight, surprise, and build lasting bonds with our Clients and teammates. Our culture is based on a few simple beliefs: honesty, empowerment, and recognition. Because the nature of our work is demanding, we believe these tenets are essential in getting the best out of ourselves in a sustainable way.

Our Team

Recombinators Community Partnership Day

A special day giving back to our communities with our teams at each location

The Recombinators Community Partnership Day was a great success. The NJ team was at the Habitat for Humanity helping women in need, Baltimore was assisting in Missing Maps, Boston was at the Connecticut Children’s Hospital at Costco and New Orleans was at GrowDat Urban Youth Farm. What a great way to give back to our communities and do it together as a team.

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We are committed to managing our firm in ways that create a social and environmental impact by engaging in opportunities to give back to our communities. We bring our beliefs of honesty, empowerment, and recognition to life by giving back where we can. Creating lasting bonds with our community as well as our clients and team.

MAY 17, 2021 Habitats For Humanity - Missing Maps - CT Childrens Hospital - GrowDat Urban Youth Farm
We're just getting started.
Join us as we continue to expand our sights.