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We are different from other firms for three key reasons:

Our principles and approach are based on the best of academics, science, and business...

So how does innovation happen? Take a look at this talk to learn more:

There are three fundamental realities that explain how innovation actually happens:


Innovation is the result of creative re-combination, fueled by
inspirations from unexpected places


Innovation begins with framing your critical challenge in new ways


Innovation cannot be delegated – those who
own its implementation should be central to its generation

Great thinkers knew this. Our cutting-edge work spans 50 years of evidence from diverse fields of research:

Brain Science

No such thing as the analytical left brain and creative right brain

No such thing as “divine inspiration”

Eric Kandel, Columbia University: The brain generates ideas through “search and combination”
Matt Wilson, MIT: How our brains connect the “seemingly” unrelated in rested states
Rob Stickgold, Harvard: The science of creative free-association – no “divine inspiration”

Business Innovation

Cognitive Psychology

William Duggan, Columbia BS: All strategic innovations are the result of ‘strategic intuition”
Jeff Dyer et. al., The Innovator's DNA: Leaders of innovative org’s don’t delegate creative – inspiration is key, not expertise
Marion Poetz, Copenhagen BS: Experts from different areas are better at solving problems of others

Gary Klein, Research Psychologist, The Power of Intuition: Under stress, your mind jumps to what you already know
Lorden Nordgren, Kellogg BS: Our subconscious digs into our knowledge & experiences to create new ideas –and works best when you ask the right questions

Inspiration comes from studying the past and present, not imagining the future

Inspiration is the key, not expertise

Innovative leaders make innovative companies, not vice-versa

Under stress, your mind jumps to what you already know

We are at our innovative best when we have specific problems in mind and we are physically engaged and mentally distracted

Our approach to innovation is proven to bring fresh ideas to life and bring new value to your projects:








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